Jewelry Care

Tips and Tricks:
  • Avoid storing jewelry with other items. (thrown in your purse, put in your pocket, tossed in your make-up bag)
  • Store in dry, air-tight areas. (jewelry box, ziplock bag)
  • Remove jewelry during physical activity (chores, gym, basketball, etc.)
  • Avoid prolonged submergence in liquid (remove prior to swimming in a pool, ocean, lake, hot tub etc)
  • Avoid making contact when using chemicals (nail polish remover, harsh soaps, lotions, hairsprays)
  • When cleaning, avoid using abrasive materials to polish/clean; it can damage the jewelry. (Ex: paper towels, bath towels, tissues) Rather, we suggest using micro fiber cloths or lens/glasses cloth. Gently rub to shine. 
  • Use warm water to rinse off extra perspiration, lotions, makeups, skin oil, etc.. If using mild soap to clean, DO NOT rub.

    Disclaimer: Although 14k gold filled jewelry is known for being the best for sensitive skin, reactions may still occur depending on individual body chemistry. Should you have an allergic reaction, immediately remove the piece and consult professional medical advice.