Sustainable Packaging

In the same manner in which we thought about nature when creating Crystal & Love's,  we thought about the impact our packaging and shipping would have on our beautiful Mother Earth. Everything is a full circle, and for us we wanted to minimize our impact on the environment. 


Our boxes are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. We wanted to create a package that was appealing, durable, and could be reused over and over again. Rather than cotton as a protection stuffer, we use 100% recycled tissue paper. We partner with EcoEnclose to deliver entirely post-consumer & post-industrial content that is recycled, recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and made in the USA.


Due to our products being shipped across the country in varying weather, we did not want to risk a fully paper based mailer; however with EcoEnclose, we were able to score moisture resistant and puncture resistant bubble mailers which are made with at least 32.6% recycled content, fully recyclable, and reusable with dual self-seal adhesive strips. 

Labels & Print Outs

100% of our shipping labels are printed on EcoEnclose's 100% post-consumer content paper and recyclable.

100% of our order forms are from EcoEnclose that are made of 100% recycled fiber using 100% wind power. They are fully recyclable and biodegradable, carbon neutral, and green seal certified. 

Why is eco-friendly packaging important? 

Businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, have made eco-friendly packaging as part of their strategy; not only because it is a big trend, but Mother Earth is responding and requiring it so. Below is an image from EcoEnclose to show why it matters:
Recycled Packaging
With Love, 
Crystal & Love