About Us

At Crystal & Love, we create hand made 14k gold filled jewelry instilled with intention and love. Our raw crystals and gemstone pieces are beautifully minimalist but carry massive power. Each stone is unique and work with you to connect your inner self with nature's external elements.

We created jewels to enhance your inner and outer beauty and embody what is true.

Everyone is unique

Every person is unique and require different affirmations to support their mind and spirit. We are proud to offer different pieces that target each individual. Our handmade creations allow our customers to choose what speaks to them. 

Made for Occasion

We treat ever decision as a grand gesture, because our ultimate design will enhance our customers' whole life. From our layered jewelry, crystal collections, and gemstones, the creations were made to speak to any person for any occasion. Style jewelry for work, a night out, family event, or cute date, it is made to compliment any style, any character, any story. 

Inspiration Behind Crystal & Love

Our Blog describes it all. It started with inner conflict, hidden truth and passion, and the want to impact and spread love.