What is Gold Filled?

Posted on August 28 2019

What is Gold Filled?


The key to styling the perfect outfit is accessorizing with the adorable jewelry, but sometimes it just seems near damn impossible when you have skin sensitivity and are tight on funds. That's why Crystal & Love chose to make 14K gold filled jewelry.

But what exactly is gold filled you ask? 

Just like how we aren't all made equal, neither is jewelry material or the price that comes with it. Below we will debunk the most common forms of gold: solid gold, gold filled, gold vermeil, and gold plated from the best quality and most expensive to the worst quality and least expensive. 

To sum it up, all these forms were created with the reduction of gold content to make it more affordable without compromising on the look or quality. 

BEST Solid Gold: 100% pure gold, also known as 24K, is too soft for everyday wear. To provide strength and durability, it is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. The K stands for Karate and indicates the purity or how much gold is in the piece of metal. Solid gold is not hollow or filled with any other metal and is made 100% with at least 10K gold. It is of the most excellent quality, does not tarnish/fade with repeated water, and is the most expensive. 14K gold is 58.3% gold and 41.7% other metals.

2ND BEST Gold Filled: Next best thing is created by bonding a very thick layer of actual gold (at least 5% of the total weight) permanently to another metal with heat and pressure. As the gold layer is thick, gold filled jewelry has the same desirable properties and look as solid gold, but it's at a much more reasonable price. It is durable, won't tarnish, fade, flake off, turn colors, and could last as long as 30 years. Gold filled is great for sensitive skin and has 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry, which is why it can be double the price of gold plated jewelry.

Last two - Gold vermeil and gold plated are the most common and tend to fade, tarnish, and can often times turn the skin green due to the base metal slowly traveling to the top layer. They give jewelry the same look, but the quality is quite less. 

3RD BEST Gold Vermeil - After gold filled quality is gold vermeil, which is a thick layer of gold (at least 2.5% microns) covering a core metal of sterling silver. It has to be coated with at least 10K of pure gold to be considered vermeil.

Fun Fact: 2.5% micrometers is about a quarter of a strand of your hair. 

4TH BEST Gold Plated - Also known as electroplated or "dipped", this is a chemical process of covering a base metal such as copper, silver, or brass  with a thin layer of gold as 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch on its surface. It is has the least amount of gold. 

We all know the phrase: You get what you pay for.

Shine on babe!

Crystal & Love


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