The Craze Behind Crystals & Gemstones

Posted on September 03 2019

The Craze Behind Crystals & Gemstones


This whole craze of "sending positive vibes" is real to many and actually goes way back to the energies and vibrations of crystals and gemstones.

Beyond the beauty, crystals are known to increase positivity, better sleep, increase chill vibes, remove anxiety, and so forth. Whether you are a die hard crystal and gemstone lover or a skeptical curious cat, hope to shed some light on why this crystal game is still going strong. 


Raw Crystals:
Most natural and pure form of earth's stones. They are solid substances cut from a larger natural formation that have not been tumbled or polished. Because they are untarnished, they are known to have unaltered energy and their unique natural energy intact.
Gemstones are cut, faceted, polished and/or tumbled pieces of mineral crystals made to be beautiful and durable for jewelry or other adornments. 
For the sake of this blog, I'll use the term crystal as a blanketed term. 

What do they mean? 

In today's age, crystals are known for the energy they hold, receive, and emit. In the same way that human's exchange and respond to our surroundings and the energies around us, so do crystals. They alone are not magical, but they act as a tool based on the given intentions. 

Crystals have natural energy that is given by the elements of the Earth and the universe. They are tangible connections for people to draw back to the natural vibrations of the Earth aiding in the return us to our natural healthy state. These energetic vibrations are believed to flow and surge through the body, heart, mind, and spirit by wearing them or placing them in surrounding environments. Each unique crystal, with the help of thoughts and intentions, amplify and curate different impactful vibes and energies. 

Fun Fact & Food for Thought:
12% of Earth's crust is made of quartz crystal, and it's used in almost every kind of technology. If its used to communicate through computer chips, couldn't it be possible that their vibrational energies could be transformed in other ways? 

In the magic world, crystals help through spiritual journeys by holding intention and reminding us to stay connected to the Earth. It connects our conscious thoughts with our body, and aids in breaking down our subconscious mind. When crystals are programmed with a specific intention, their frequencies help to magnify and transform those thoughts into reality. The healing properties quiet the noise of the external world and mind, and help reconnect us to the universal healing vibrations of the Earth. They remind us to be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and the great mysteries of the universe. If you are a big believer, healing properties and grounding powers can activate your own latent energies and psychic prowess.

Who crystals impact? 

As crystals are naturally receptive and giving, they are impactful to everyone, even those who do not have a strong spiritual side or have crystals as a big part of their day to day life. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of healing crystals whether through jewelry, practicing meditation, or just placing them in your natural home surroundings as decor. 

Crystals connect people's overall higher self and are huge in birthstones, signs of zodiac, and overall meaning. 

Yogis embrace and love crystals, because they always radiate the loving message of Namaste.


Since the beginning of time and ancient history, crystals were known for many things.
  • Egyptians wore crystals as talisman and charisma for health and protection.
  • Greeks knew them as objects of great powers. The Greeks belief was so powerful that many words came from the Greek language. Amethyst, meaning no drunkenness; crystal, from the greek word ice; hematite from their word blood. 
  • Aztecs, Mayans, and Americans used them in rituals and peace offerings.
  • Over 200 references in the Bible to how crystals were used. 
  • Roman soldiers were known to carry Tiger's Eye for bravery in battle. 
  • Most notably might be the Asian culture -  Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or gi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras. They believe in the connection of the physical to the supernatural elements of the body; thus, one of the reasons why Jade is so highly valued in the asian culture. 
  • The list goes on. The tales and stories can also be referenced in media such as: Atlantis's crystal powering a city or the emeralds in The Mummy
  • Crystals have been tested by scientists for metaphysical powers, and Marcel Vogel proved that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound. 
  • Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life.
  • Many crystals had the same meaning and impact as it did from across the world in different cultures, even with no interaction or crossover. EX: Jade is Asia and in the Renaissance. Jade in China and Aztect/Mayan culture. Turquoise to Native American Tribes and Ancient Warriors.   

All this said, crystals have not been "proven", but man is their power and influence real. 
This blog is for informational purposes only and are NOT intended as ANY type of medical advice. This is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If you have concerns about medical or physical health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. We do not claim this article to be the final truth, rather sharing of information gathered through a google search and personal knowledge. 


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